"Celestial Crusaders" is an action packed 2-D horizontal bullet hell that offers an exciting and challenging gaming experience! If you like this FREE DEMO, There's MORE!
TriStorm Studios have plans to create a full game with 6 Playable Characters  with their own unique abilities and 6 Action packed Stages each with challenging enemies and bosses.
The game will feature Full Voice Acting, Cut scenes and Story. Featuring the Voices of Amber Lee Connors, Sheila M. Lin, Dawn M. Bennett, Kristen McGuire, Jeannie Tirado, Michelle Marie and Skyler Davenport!
However, WE NEED YOUR HELP! and in return, get your hands on AMAZING REWARDS like Plushies, Keychains, Posters and more! Shine Bright and Support Celestial Crusaders!

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Created by TriStorm Studios. (Demo Published by DynoStorm) Tri-Storm Studios is a three person production team aiming to create quality video games and animations for all to enjoy!

Connor Ludovice (Producer): https://twitter.com/TriCon0411
DynoStorm (Developer): http://dynostorm.media
Dusky (Music): https://soundcloud.com/tunesofdusky

In-game Voices by Skyler Davenport, Jeremy King and DynoStorm.


Install instructions

Run the *.exe file and enjoy the game. When the game launches press ENTER or START on your Keyboard or Controller to begin the game. Then use the Arrow Keys or Dpad to Navigate the Menus. You'll be offered to play a Tutorial if it's your first time playing.


CelestialCrusaders-FREE_DEMO-.exe 7 MB


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So, I love the art and the music but damn does it get chaotic fast. I know this is just a demo but the pairing of the somewhat odd focus fire mechanic that slows your movement and the huge number of large projectiles I found it difficult to avoid damage a lot of the time, especially since it ramps up so quickly. Maybe the different classes are going to have somewhat tweaked abilities but when I think of a shmup game I usually think of smaller objects on screen with high mobility and a focus on continuing fire while avoiding projectiles and picking up power ups to kill the increasingly difficult enemies faster. Holding fire to swap back to a spread shot feels really unintuitive and somewhat frustrating. I like the risk/reward mechanic of brushing projectiles for extra charge but the immunity mechanic feels strange as well. If it were balanced differently as to being more powerful but really difficult to charge I think it'd feel more rewarding to use rather than a necessity to build charge asap just to stay alive.

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I actually kinda like that the special charges quickly and saves my life a lot... even though that means I never use it.  So basically I can see where you're coming from even though I like it as it currently is.

I also think with the current way, using the special could still be valid for a player with a different way of playing than me, since even though the special isn't that powerful, it still gets rid of bullets in front of you and can be used quite often. It makes this game different from many bullet hells, but I like that. :)

The demo so far is looking pretty good, but it lacks a few features that I think are essential to this kind of game, such as a touhou-like "focus" button, that shows the hitbox of the character and slows movement for more precise shots. Also, in trying to stay bullet-hell like but also faster paced it becomes very quickly totally chaotic even on the normal difficulty - I couldn't tell what was even shooting me half the time.
Overall though, this is a good start, but it needs a LOT of work.

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There is a Focus button. It's "Z". It was covered in the Tutorial. Perhaps I'll make Shift do a quick focus as it's something more familar.

I'll reconsider the pacing of the game. too

Thanks for your comment.