A Free Speech Simulator!

You're a Froggy, throw signs at birds and save the world. Donate or play for free!

Keyboard Controls:

Arrow Keys to Move. Z to Jump, X to Throw, X and DOWN to Short Throw. ENTER to pause and navigate menus.

Gamepad Controls:

D-Pad to Move. A to Jump, B to Throw, B and DOWN to Short Throw. START to pause and navigate menus.



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GabberDabbers.exe 6 MB

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Could not compile vertex shader

Try downloading it for Windows or try it in a different browser. I swear this worked back in 2017 lol. Maybe I'll go back and see what I can do.

In dissenter the game doesn't work for me. If there's no display or audio doesn't play, try downloading instead.


You have to to disable device detection protection

This is cringeworthy, go back to 4chan and The_Donald with this embarassing shit,

you know what else is cringeworthy? you using this comment system instead of dissenter, screams normie